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Spring refreshing updates April 2023

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With a lot of hard work, we are glad to say that most the core parts are complete on the website. Spring is the greatest time to refresh and get things done. There are little css edits and stuff that still need to be completed, but nothing that will ruin the experience. We will update this article as time goes on and here is what we did so far:


  • The radio itself was having issues with Chromium browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge). It would stop after 5 minutes of playing (only affected players on our website). We found that it was due to caching and browser limitations in relation to that. We were able to change our strategy a bit and will work on perfecting as time goes on, so we do not block caching all together. We will test and update when we feel 100% confident in the PWA. For now it is working as expected with no random 5 minute stops. 😀
  • In February, we moved away from AJAX on the player itself. This was due to our social backend and conflicts. For continuous play, make sure you use the popup player from the top main menu or if you want to just listen/request you can go straight to the main station page. Sorry for the inconvenience on this, although it may be one, it will speed up the site allowing for a better experience.
  • The station will grow and so will the radio page as we add content. We are excited to see where the radio goes into the future 🙂 We will add more here through the month if/as things happen.

  • The Community is in the background. To get to it you just click the three bars from the main menu, and you will see the community login or go to A lot of work has gone into making the community work with the radio site we already have. This is the part that will need some tweaks, especially css into the future. You can post various types of content and more just like our community in the past. Update your activity stream, add various media types, react on others content, write a blog, meet and learn from others. We will be integrating a learning platform soon as well as stories for the timeline (stream). We also have a very nice chat/messaging system built in as well. Be sure to sign up at Join/Share with Others in the Community ‣ Radio.MyVyBZ ( and give the community a try.
  • We will post more here as things happen throughout the month.


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