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About the Your Variety Station

** Please note, we do not censor music on the station so explicit music possible. **

     Your Best Variety, was built by you, our awesome listener’s.  It was originally built by the most requested/loved music played during our D.J sets. This station forever holds true to being built by those request/votes as you listen.

     We love radio and music and we strive to not let Radio die out and instead bring radio to the future.  Radio should be social, interactive, and we do everything we can to make that happen. 

Put us in your virtual space:

Add this station page to your mobile device – It is its own PWA

Myvybz Mobile QR

Vote on the Tracks you like to hear!

You can vote with a thumbs up or thumbs down on music playing in the main rotation as you listen. If down voted over 10 times we will remove the song from the main rotation. It will still be available from the library though to request. 

Choose what goes into the Main Rotation

 When music is requested to be added to the library, we will put the tracks up for your vote. You will be able to visit and vote up or down.  No matter the vote, we will add the song as requestable from our growing library of music.

Request songs and send a shoutout!

Besides voting you can request music from that library we mentioned below, at anytime there is no show, leaving a shoutout if you would like. Your request will be the next song up in the que or after the last song requested in the que. This basically makes you the D.J.

Chat with other listeners

This is a chat room for listener’s to meet or chat, but will require you to be logged into the MyVyBZ Talent/Hobby Community.  You will see the login button in the message box or use the three bar icon in the main menu above . You can also always join us in our Discord Rated M (Mature)

See other's Shoutouts

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