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Learn more about who we are and what inspires us here at MyVyBZ.com

     MyVyBZ is a radio station, a community, and a place to share what inspires you with others, or learn/do something new. The website site is built with a passion and love of music and the arts. Also it is built by the community and their content.

     Radio.MyVyBZ itself is a radio station that was and is still inspired by the listener’s votes and music requests. It was formed and built by, DJKwave (Kyle), who always had a love of music and the radio. The station first started off with the requests from his D.J sets on air virtually and in the real world. Now we have taken it to a whole other level. When no one is on air you can request/vote on music. As always, your votes matter and in a way the listeners are the D.J.

     The MyVyBZ Community was built in Discord and has been here for years. It has seen our many projects up to this point. You can join/share by visiting https://discord.com/invite/WhduCh73uB.  We did have a web community prior for years and it was built on the UNA platform and we decided to let it go and put our focus on the radio. As our radio page got complete and transformed to where it is now, it felt like something was missing. We always have had a community, so we decided to bring it back in the background. This makes it so we can do special things for loyal listeners/friends, while securing other features.

     In the future you will see more features and our sound editing services come into the light as well. We will let you know as this happens and you will find it right here in this last paragraph as we do.

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