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3/2023 Rinse and Repeat

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We have moved our hosting and rebuilt the site due to bugs/glitches over time of testing and edits. Some pages are still being worked on others are back already. We will have the Live Event Channel back soon, for now the Your Variety Station is reimplemented into the site. We will get the chat room re added soon as well to the station page. Thank you for being loyal to the station and we hope you like the new design and structure. The inner MyVyBZ Community is re-implemented as well and faster for those listeners and music lovers who want to take part. We will update this post with more soon and when we are complete.

3/19/2023 Update:

  • All Pages are back up. Except for Sponsor pages. We will be editing/formatting pages as time goes on. However, at this time we are back to normal in terms of pages.
  • The Live Event Channel will be back soon. You will see it popup in the player when it is back. You can still listen at 

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